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Non-Official Speedmaster Watch AmbassadorsIt's Speedy Tuesday! You know the state run Omega ambassadors that endorse the latest Seamaster, Deville, Constellation or Speedmaster watch. There is little fun in displaying these guys (or girls) here on Fratelloreplica watches since you probably obtain them constantly in ads and event reports . As we did using the BMW head of design Adrian van Hooydonk a couple weeks ago together with Porsche 911 nut Magnus Walker in regards to a last year, we want to tell you some 'real' people wearing the Omega Speedmaster watch.For example, we teach you the watch of Dutch TV host Robert Ten Brink. With Shows like 'All you would like is love' and 'Love is in the air', Robert Ten Brink connects (or efforts) people or re-unite them again when family members you live 1000s of kilometres besides eachother. Over time, we have seen Robert Ten Brink wearing various timepieces, but most almost daily I spotted him wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional over a leather strap.Around the picture above, shot by photographer Nick van Ormondt fake rolex , you may clearly see him wearing his Speedmaster Pro on a leather strap.Allow us to And Win!Although Robert Ten Brink is really a local celebrity through Netherlands - and in addition they probably know him as well in Belgium - we will love to get your own finds of non-official Omega ambassadors wearing an Omega Speedmaster tag heuer steve mcqueen monaco watches . We're going to place them on-line during Speedy Tuesday possibly at the end of 4 seasons we are going to perform a nice Omega-related share for that contributors!We already get yourself a lots of Speedmaster-related mail when you are looking for singers wearing Speedies, the most used one is apparently Tom Hanks (which we featured here before) in the event it concerns a non-official ambassador. Get the job done celeb is really a local one (no matter what country) replica vintage wristwatches , we'd like to show it to the readers of Speedy Tuesday! Please offer a picture with a minimum of 900 pixels wide.Thanks ahead of time! replica breitling watches discounted
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