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Speedy Tuesday - RIP Eugene Cernan - We glance back at 'his' Apollo 17 watch from 2012Yesterday (around an hour ago), we read that Eugene Cernan, the final Man on the Moon, passed way age 82. Eugene Cernan what food was in space 3 x, with Gemini 9A, Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 replica rolex . Apollo 17 being the last Apollo mission in 1972. Two Speedmaster replica watches were commemorating that one mission. One in 2002, in which you received his Last Man around the Moon book, and the later 2012 edition while using coin dial.We wrote this last watch in 2013 already, but thought it could be appropriate to post it once more. We all recommend someone to watch Last Man around the Moon, a lovely documentary (Netflix offers it in a few countries) with that trip.Speedmaster Professional311.'s Speedy Tuesday and we are featuring the watch committed to the past Man within the Moon: the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XVII 40th Anniversary special. This model became a bit frowned upon by Speedy purists during the introduction, however the 925 silver dial now seems to be accepted by many of them.Last Man Within the MoonLet's remember what this Speedmaster commemorates. NASA's Apollo 17 was their last (manned) pursuit for the Moon. It had been the 6th lunar landing and on board were astronauts Cernan, Schmitt and Evans. Only Cernan and Schmitt set foot within the Moon, Evans stayed behind inside Command Module.AstronautsSchmitt, Cernan (seated), EvansAlthough initially there was clearly also Apollo 18, 19 and 20 mission scheduled, these ones got cancelled for various reasons. One of the most 'popular' (therefore unofficial) reason is the fact that after mankind enter about the Moon, a person's eye with the general public was lost and individuals started complaining regarding the costs of those missions.Eugene Cernan about the MoonAnyway, Eugene Cernan is known as the final man for the Moon as well as wrote a novel using this title in 1999. To my favorite knowledge, this book was given by some jewelers to buyers from the first Apollo 17 commemorative watch in 2002 (30th anniversary). The 30th anniversary Apollo 17 Speedmaster was a 'regular' Speedy though with its own engraving in the event back.Apollo 17 DialThe dial from the Speedmaster ref.311. is produced outside of gold. The Apollo 17 mission patch has been utilized for your dial, that's beautifully embossed in silver. The OMEGA logo, wording and 'Speedmaster Professional' wording may be printed about the sapphire crystal. Therefor, the dial is incredibly 'clean' and like a coin dial.This is the dial that makes this Speedmaster so special. We've seen mission patches in the 9 o'clock sub dial, using colors (remember fondly the Apollo 15 dialor Gemini IV Speedy?) but seldomly the reality that they used rare materials (with the exception of this recent Meteorite Soyuz-Apollo special edition). OMEGA only produced 1972 bits of this Apollo VXII model. Although OMEGA launched this Speedy already at Baselworld 2012, they did not deliver it on the boutiques and retailers prior to a end of 2012, since the Apollo 17 mission were only available in December 1972. It would not be the better choice to provide it 39.5yrs following your Apollo 17 mission.Case, Bracelet and MovementThe case, bracelet and movement are identical towards the Speedmaster Professional 'Moonwatch' reference 357.50, even though this model incorporates a sapphire crystal suited to the way it is along with a special engraving in cases where back. The movement would be the famous hand-wound Lemania based caliber 1861 minus the special finishing (1863). That is only being performed for that models using a transparent caseback. You most likely know, however movement is the successor in the caliber 861 movement. The caliber 321 and caliber 861 movements are the types that made it to the Moon. The real difference between caliber 861 and caliber 1861 movement would be the use of materials and an extra jewel. The gap relating to the column wheel chronograph movement caliber 321 and shuttle-cam chronograph caliber 861 is a bit bigger. Replacing of the caliber 861 happened around 1997. So, this movement has become 'around' for quite a while already again nevertheless going strong.The bracelet will be the standard issued reference 1998 bracelet. A compelling bracelet that has a folding clasp that's being operated by two push buttons. Backlinks are fitted that has a pin (not screwed). To many this sounds annoying, an expensive watch using a bracelet with pins as opposed to screws. However, I have been previously told until this has become thoroughly tested obviously. Screwed or pins, always be certain to perform a visual check from time to time to determine if all pins remain correctly fitted. Like all other limited editions or numbered editions, this Apollo 17 Speedy will come in a particular box. Not the red leather box that is included with almost every other OMEGA replica watches, but a black leather box which has an Apollo 17 mission patch inside. Just like bee seen below:Collectible Speedy rolex datejusts watches ?As i've already explained, not all Speedmaster fans were easy within this special edition. Especially due to the medallion dial in silver. However, it remains on the list of exclusive edition Speedmaster Professional (mission) models and definately will therefor be collectible in the future. At least that is what I predict. This model was introduced at a cost of $7200 USD / 5380 Euro, that has been - at the time - quite a lot higher than the standard issued Speedmasters. replica iwc catalogue watches A big thank you to Darren Townend for submitting a Speedmaster again! If you wish to have your Speedmaster featured here, and have a very nice anecdote with your Speedy, call us today and we'll input it on-line on Speedy Tuesday. Darren is an associate the favorite Australian based Omega Forums website.More info on this Speedmaster is found here, within the official OMEGA website. A 2014 interview with Eugene Cernan as well as the BBC is found here.Rest in peace Eugene Cernan,March 14th1934 - January 16th2017.*This article originally appeared on April 16th 2013 and was published again eventually after Eugene Cernan passed on age 82.** Header image via CollectSpace.comVia http://spacearttribute.blogspot.ch/ replica breitling watches discounted
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